Don’t be Most People:  Why (and how) your character matters

Character will carry you.  Character can carry you to great success, miserable failure – or off to prison. Defining the character you choose to live up to is important because if you don’t consciously define it, you are vulnerable to the invisible forces that will influence you.   Selfish people, greedy people or just grumpy people […]

Take the time to gather

Gather relationships Gather experience Gather knowledge Gather qualities and traits to add to your resume Gather! If there was one thing that I would tell 20-somethings, it would be to take your time to gather.  No, I don’t mean to gather and party, I mean to go out and gather.  Gather experience. Gather knowledge. Gather […]

Modify your recipe

In my casual interactions, I’ve encountered countless individuals who thought they had their career choice all figured out.  Two to three years into their college education they discovered that the choice they thought would provide them years of work life enjoyment, only to discover that their initial decision was incorrect.  This causes so much consternation […]

The Second Most important decision of your life

I’m about to share with you what the two most important decisions are of your life.  You may already know what they are, but until you make these decisions it is impossible to fully grasp the gravity of them. You are likely reading this because you currently face one of them – what are you […]

Top 5 Mistakes Young Adults Make that Slow their Path to Success

Choosing money over Opportunity. I know, you’ve been restricted by the budgets your parents have set for you and are now ready to ‘kill it’ financially so that you can start buying and doing the things you want.  I’ve seen it all too often, when someone choose money over opportunity, they end up stuck.  They […]

Enriching the Soil

Everyone knows that one of the key elements to a thriving garden is to start with rich soil.  Soil full of nutrients will help the plants grow quickly and allow them to bare delicious fruit and vegetables. The more attention paid to the cultivation of the garden, the more rewarding it will be. Ironically, this […]

Tough times inspire creativity…

There is an upside to challenging times, whether it be economic, emotional or any other tough period.  That is, it often inspires creativity.  Take a look at your own budget for example, you will find that you have become more creative in how you stretch your dollar when you go grocery shopping, or maybe you […]

Unlock Your Operating System

Patterns exist everywhere, and consider the definition of a pattern: a form or model, a natural or chance configuration, or a reliable sample of traits, acts, tendencies or other observable characteristics of a person. Ah, that last one, the one about traits, acts, and tendencies, that’s the one. And the word “reliable” plays an important […]