Don’t be Most People:  Why (and how) your character matters

Character will carry you.  Character can carry you to great success, miserable failure – or off to prison.

Defining the character you choose to live up to is important because if you don’t consciously define it, you are vulnerable to the invisible forces that will influence you.   Selfish people, greedy people or just grumpy people will have an influence on you if you are not careful. 

When you consciously choose to live up to the character you define, you set yourself up for success.  Most people allow their character just to develop randomly – don’t be ‘most people’.  ‘Most people’ are not successful.  ‘Most people’ are unhappy with their career.  ‘Most people’ don’t succeed in their relationships/ marriages.  Don’t be ‘most people’. 

Do the work on yourself that others refuse to do.  Design the life you want to live – others are unaware its an option.  Take the harder route – it develops character and paves the way for an easier path later.  Go the extra step – most people will take the short cut. 

Achieving great results that will allow you to enjoy the life you choose to live requires doing things differently then ‘most people’. 

The majority of your friends, schoolmates and acquaintances will be like ‘most people’.  Do things differently and set yourself apart. 

  • Take time to define the character that you will live up to
  • Develop the soft skills that will set you apart
  • Seek to help and support others and develop relationships
  • Expand your world by doing things that make you slightly uncomfortable (travel to new places, ask others for help, hire a coach or ask someone to mentor you)
  • Surround yourself with others who will support the person you choose to become

Do what ‘most people’ don’t even think about or consider.  In other words, ‘don’t be most people’.