Benefits you will receive:

  • Clarify your Perfect career recipe
  • Dramatically elevate self-confidence
  • Learn how to effectively network your way in the door
  • Quickly climb the ladder of success
  • Cut the mental ties to social media – be the puppeteer (not the puppet)
  • Learn the secrets of the millionaires I coach
  • Connect with a powerfully supportive community

Getting Results
Junior Coaching Program

We are excited to announce a long awaited program for our junior counterparts.  You’ve likely experienced the value of a helpful coach in the past – maybe it was a football or soccer coach, dance instructor or some other deeply influential person in your life that helped to shift your trajectory.

For 20 years, Getting Results has effectively improved the lives of many business professionals.  In the process of being coached in business, their lives improved overall.  We have constantly heard the echos of our clients when they say, ‘if only I had you when I was in my 20’s’.  This reverberated in my mind.  The program that we’ve created was born as a result of many successful junior clients that I’ve had the opportunity to work with over the years.  These juniors were referred to me through existing clients and then from the referrals of those clients.  The impact of the coaching process I’ve used with these 20 somethings has been tremendous and has far exceeded my expectations. 

Module I: Exploration

You have known you all your life – in one way, one perspective, one view. Gaining a deeper understanding into self happens over time, through life experience. But who wants to waste decades to finally understand what it is you really want?

This module provides tools to uncover a deeper understanding of one’s Self. Fast forward the pace of the self-exploration in just a few weeks. We will uncover various patterns in your life that may have gone unnoticed by you, but is vital in giving us clues to key career and lifestyle needs.

You will also meet the other members of your cohort who share similar challenges and frustrations. They will be a source of ideas, support and collaboration.

Finally, it will also provide context for how the entire program will assist you in confidently determining your career path.

Module II: Define your Flavors

This is where we begin to take inventory of all of your insatiable interests, Key areas of proficiency and of course, the undesirables.  You will uncover key lifestyle needs, from the ‘must haves’ to the ‘absolutely not’ items on your list that will help guide your career choice.

You will complete this module with a clear idea of what your main ingredient will be (equivalent to your primary career ‘genre’) and have an idea of a few flavors you want to be sure to include or exclude from the recipe.

Module III: Refine Your Recipe

We graduate from the kid’s menu by adding the discerning flavors that will turn your recipe into a masterpiece. We take your basic chicken recipe and turn it into a Spicy Chicken Puttenesca. You can already taste the difference. It is not enough to simply choose one of the offered majors at the school you’re attending.  Nailing your ideal career means that you have incorporated all of the elements we determined in the prior two modules as being important to include.  You will have the opportunity to sample and experiment with potential career choices to give you a more visceral sense of which ingredients to include or exclude in your personally formulated recipe.

This is where your coach, along with your community, will be instrumental in helping you recognize the subtle nuances that will have you able to distinctly determine the industry in which you want to spend the bulk of your income earning years.

Module IV: Master Your Mind

Many people believe that simply choosing a major and completing a college degree will land them the career of their dreams.  The reality is… that is just the beginning. Just as an athlete is not automatically successful by deciding his sport – the game doesn’t end by determining your career title. Seasoned professionals understand there is much more to success then that.

In my opinion, Stage IV is where the real work is done.  This is the ultimate game changer – where professionals and life-long amateurs are set apart. It’s astonishing how many ignore the elements in this phase yet ask anyone at the top of their industry what the key ingredients to their success was and most would tell you that it was the elements I’ll share with you in this stage.  The real keys to success.

Module V: Foot In the Door

Did you know that there is a process to getting your foot in the door even if you have no experience?

This process will not only help you open doors, but also assist you in quickly working your way up the ladder of success in whatever company is lucky enough to have you. It is the elements in this Module that our clients repeatedly say they wish they knew when they began their careers twenty and thirty years earlier. I’m always so excited to have young adults start this journey; the same journey that will give you an unbelievable shortcut to enjoyable success (that is, if you choose).