The Hijacker
Overcome Self-Sabotaging Behavior - by Lauren Doyle, M.S.

If You’ve ever had trouble ‘getting out of your own way’ to achieve what you want in your life; making more money, a better job or the ideal relationship, there is one primary reason. There is a hijacker in control and driven by your Human Operating System.

Like a computer, humans also have operating systems, developed at an early age. Until you learn what yours is and how to manage the hijacker that continues to derail your efforts, you won’t be in the driver’s seat and able to live your life by design. Instead, you will continue to experience patterns of disappointments or just a basic, lack-luster life.

Your Human Operating System affects every aspect of your life. It creates a persistent, underlying concern constantly weighing on your mind. You are under the illusion that if you just make more money, gain a greater education or climb the corporate ladder, that you will finally ‘handle’ that part of your life. This is like a mirage, a never-ending illusion. The Hijacker will help you uncover and embrace your own operating system, so you can begin using it to your advantage by undoing self-sabotaging behavior and finally be able to create a vibrant life and business that thrives!

"Finally someone unlocks the mystery of self sabotage, self awareness and the crucial need to know ourselves better in order to live the lives we've always wanted, by our own design. Whether you are an employer, a spouse, a sibling or a friend, this is a must read if you'd like to improve your inter personal relationships, and be a better, more effective person. You'll read it once, and then refer to it often, I can promise you that!"
Ken Rusk
President CEO Rusk Industries