The Second Most important decision of your life

I’m about to share with you what the two most important decisions are of your life.  You may already know what they are, but until you make these decisions it is impossible to fully grasp the gravity of them.

You are likely reading this because you currently face one of them – what are you going to do for a living? You’ve probably considered many possibilities, or maybe you thought you were convinced of one direction only to find yourself at a loss when it didn’t quite fit.  I’m sure you are viscerally aware of the importance of such a choice.  Luckily, you landed here where we are committed to helping you sort through the infinite options available to you.  Yes, with so many choices, the perfect option is available to you. This is why I created this website, wrote the book and developed a Junior Coaching Program, because millions of people just like yourself are grappling with the same inquiry. 

You might also be surprised when I say that your career choice in only the second most important decision you’ll make.  The other decision has even more profound consequences and unraveling the wrong choice can be challenging and extremely expensive.  You have probably guessed, its who you’ll marry, or if you’ll marry at all.

While our program is not focused on matchmaking, I thought its important to bring up and reinforce its importance so that the floaty feeling caused by firing endorphins don’t scramble your brain too much.  Who you marry is as much of a cognitive choice as it is an emotional one.

In this next article – Top 5 Mistakes Young Adults Make that slow their path to success, I’ll give you a few helpful hints to support the most important decision of your life.

Now, back to the second most important choice…

You’ll spend a good majority of your life in your vocation.  Approximately a third of your day will be spent sleeping, a couple of hours spend getting ready for the day and getting to and from work, typically 8-10 hours per day working, leaving roughly 4 or so hours of ‘free’ time each day (not counting weekends).  In total, around 35-40% of your waking hours are spent working.  I highlight this to reinforce the importance of spending the time to ‘get it right’. 

The more time you invest working through many of the exercises I share in my book, Find Your Flavor: A recipe for discovering your ideal career, the more confident you will be that you’ve nailed your career choice.  Of course, you’ll never really know you’ve nailed it until you’ve completed whatever necessary education, stepped your foot in the door of opportunity and spent a fair amount of time in the position that you imagined for yourself. It behooves you to invest a bit of time determining your best path.